Centralna Szkoła PSP w Częstochowie,
ul. Sabinowska 62/64, 42-200 Częstochowa

tel.:  (34) 34-77-000
e-mail: cspspcz@cspsp.pl

REGON: 150 123 657,  NIP: 573-11-77-649,
BIP, ePUAP /cspsp_czestochowa/SkrytkaESP

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The Central School of PSP created very good conditions for sports firefighting and overall development of physical education students and school staff . School sport facilities annually since 1996, are played International Polish Championship in Sport firefighting , as well as national competitions Sports and Fire Units TSO and eliminations Youth National Teams before the International Professionnal Pożarniczymi CTIF.

Sports facilities, which place playing sports championship in fire and tournaments in other sports competitions , are used for the implementation of teaching and passion for sports students of the School. Held on them the sports section acting classes at the School : football, volleyball , table tennis and sport firefighting.

Sports base are:  athletics stadium with a tartan athletics track , a grassy pitch, stands at 620 seats. The stadium has four cross-country tracks with a length of 363 m around the field , including eight tracks straight to the 100 meters.

The structure of the stadium built climbing wall four tracks on which exercises are conducted using a ladder hook . For climbing wall 's position to exercise with sleeves rescue. Next to the stadium is located the position of the shot put , climbing frames obstacle course with a length of 50 meters, a full-sized playground for beach volleyball, three tennis courts and a track slag with a length of 100 m, gymnasium with volleyball pitch.

Complex gymnasium complement the two changing rooms and sanitary facilities . Gyms are three rooms located in buildings barracks equipped with sets of instruments to reinforce the strength and muscle exercisers : bikes , treadmills, rowing apparatus and instruments for practicing martial arts.

Sports and recreational complex supplement two saunas and four hot tubs, for rejuvenating treatments and a recreation center.

The development of physical culture and sports is an important part of fire fighting zainsteresowania school management.


Representation CSPSP taking off from the 1996 championships and tournaments in the sport firefighting ranks high deposit. Enjoy the fact that other sports sections marked its presence in national competitions played.

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